Roommate Match Terms and Conditions

For those participants who are traveling single and would like to avoid paying the single occupancy rate for the cruise, Life Journeys will attempt to provide a suitable roommate match. There is a $75 Roommate Match fee per person and the matching is based on roommate compatibility, cabin selection and availability.

The following rules and stipulations must be agreed upon by all parties:

1. Due to the fact that a match cannot be guaranteed, if Life Journeys is not able to find a roommate match by the Matching Date* a participant will be given the following options:

A: Cancel the cruise with a full refund except for a $25 service fee. This policy does not cover any additional air or other transportation costs. It is strongly advised that airline tickets are not purchased until your roommate match is completed.

B: Agree to take a single cabin with the additional collection of the single occupancy rate, with the understanding that if a roommate match can be made prior to sailing, your fare will be adjusted back to the double occupancy rate and a refund will be processed accordingly.

2.  After August 11, 2017*, your Reservation will be 100% nonrefundable.

A: In the event that a person who has been matched with a roommate must cancel their cruise or wish to withdraw from the roommate match program, the additional charge of the full single occupancy rate for the remaining roommate will be paid by the person that cancelled or withdrew. This additional charge will be paid for with the nonrefundable amount from the cancelling roommate.

B: Efforts will be made to find a replacement roommate; however this cannot be guaranteed. If a replacement roommate is found, the cancelling party may still be responsible for any penalties assessed such as name change fees.

C: This policy protects the non-cancelling roommate and Life Journeys of any supplemental charges.

*Matching Date Information:

Matches will be made one (1) week before the Final Payment Date. Life Journeys will send an email to all roommate match passengers two (2) weeks before final payment date to the email address provided by the participant constituting the last opportunity to request changes to the roommate match reservation. In the event of special circumstances with the ship, such as a sell-out situation, this email may be sent earlier and will designate the revised date of matching and cancellation penalties.

Cancellation Policy – MasterChef Cruise 2017:

  • From the time of deposit to the Matching Date of August 11, 2017, payments are refundable with $100 cancellation fee per person.
  • Starting on August 12, 2017 to Day of Departure, all payments are nonrefundable.